We are a game development company, developing everything from tabletop games to video games.

Welcome to the home of Ninja Puppy Gaming! We make games of all kinds; be it tabletop, video games, and beyond. We are currently hard at work on our two flagship games: Tetrad (tabletop card and dice game) and Shadow Tails (video game, action/adventure RPG).



Tetrad is tabletop card and dice game that combines the world of DnD, with the gameplay of UNO.  Pick your class and play your cards.  Get special cards for your class and if you can play them right, you can turn the fight.  It's a game of strategy... yet simplistic. You can pick it up and run with it easily.

Work with your friends.... work with your enemies.

Do what it takes to be the victor.

Shadow Tails

Shadow Tails is an action/adventure RPG in the style of classics such as Zelda a Link to the Past and Secret of Mana. You play as two characters bound to each other via their shadow. You can only be one character at a time but each character has their own items and abilities to overcome obstacles and fights.  It is currently early in development, but we plan to have a kickstarter for it (and a demo to try) very soon!

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